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Federal law requires that workers have safe equipment and machinery on the job. Workers in manufacturing are especially vulnerable to the dangers of equipment such as presses, saws, and conveyor belts. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers implement special procedures (Lockout Tagout or LOTO) for protecting workers from the unplanned release of stored energy (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, etc.) when a machine is being repaired or serviced.

Consequences of Flawed Safety

Unfortunately, these procedures can take time away from the job. In addition, people sometimes believe that safety guards cause work slowdowns. The result is that other employees remove safety guards and LOTO procedures are not implemented. Moreover, some industrial equipment is sold without even the basic safety features that you expect to find on consumer electronics such as washing machines or microwave ovens. The result is preventable injuries and fatalities.

Learn About Your Options: Call a Birmingham Attorney After a Machine Injury on the Job

If you were injured while operating or servicing a machine at work because of a failure to guard, you may be eligible for both workers’ compensation benefits and other compensation for your injuries. Your employer might be subject to OSHA fines. You may be able to file a lawsuit against a co-worker. At the Birmingham law office of Allwin E. Horn, IV, P.C., our lead attorney will review your case and determine how to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. To learn how he can help, call or contact us by email. The consultation is free with no obligation.

Issues in Machine Injuries

Failure to Guard

Although technology for preventing injuries has been available to manufacturers of industrial equipment for many years, some companies still fail to use it properly. Instead, they may settle for a warning label, even when designing and installing a safety device is possible. Even though many workers have successfully won cases against machine manufacturers who failed to include safety features in their equipment, injuries continue to happen. Injured workers may have the basis for a successful product liability claim if injured because of design and safety flaws in on-the-job equipment.

Removing Safety Guards

In Alabama, a worker may be liable for injuries to another worker if he or she disabled, removed or otherwise failed to implement safety procedures and the co-worker was injured or killed as a result. The worker may be eligible to file a third party claim against a staffing agency, a training provider or other third party implicated in removing safety devices, failing to instruct in their proper use or ignoring LOTO procedures. Our law firm investigates the situation to determine the best course of action.

Contact an Alabama Lawyer if You Were Injured

Cases involving machine injuries in Alabama can be complicated. It is not always obvious who should be held liable. That is why it is important to have a knowledgeable work accident lawyer at your side when determining your legal options after machine accident. To get experienced, compassionate legal help, call the law office of Allwin E. Horn, IV, P.C.. or contact us by email. Remember, the consultation is free and you owe us nothing unless and until we obtain the compensation you need and deserve.









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